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Which Are the Best Models in BMW Motorcycle?

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BMW is one of the most reputed brands that manufacture motorcycles. There are several models available under this brand. All these models are so well-designed with compelling features that make it hard for a buyer to choose one out of them. To ease in your decision-making process, we have listed features of different BMW models here.

What makes it so complicated to choose the best BMW motorcycle model?

The diverse and long history of producing motorbikes and cars of varying sizes and shapes for a wide range of tasks make selection of a BMW motorcycle model not an easy one. Most of these models share same mechanical parts and DNA.

Many of the BMW models have the same set of BMW motorcycle that wears different clothes. All moto BMW usagé and new motorbike models are incredibly fantastic and advanced motorcycles that no one would want to miss.

The BMW R nineT

This bike was introduced in the year 2014. It is designed as a modern classic bike whose retro beauty becomes complete with its classy air-conditioned boxer engine. This is sure to provide a nostalgic experience to riders. This comes with modern technology that keeps it smooth, hassle-free and reliable.

This bike comes with a 1,170cc engine that produces a power of 96.5 hp at 7,610 revolutions per minute and runs at 74.3 lb-ft torque at around 6,090 revolutions per minute at the behind wheel.

The GS650 XChallenge

XChallengebike is designed to be cool and dual-sport bike that is powered by an improvised version of an engine found on the” F650”. This bike comes in a Rotax single cylinder engine offering 652cc power that runs fairly well at 52 horsepower at about 7,000 revolutions per minute and 44 lb-ft torque at 5,250 revolutions per minute.

The all new GS650 XChallenge bike has a light in weight frame. It has incredibly light handling that makes it amazing on as well as off road. Some of the best ways to define these bikes are tough, equipped with German sensibility and reliability, and versatile.

The BMW HP2 Sport

This is one of the remarkable sport versions in the entire BMW series of motorbikes. This bike comes with an 1170cc engine that generates 128 horsepower and 80 lb-ft torque. Introduction of this model paved road to several other BMW sports models.


So, these are some of the best BMW motorcycle models in the market. Learning about their features would definitely help you make the right purchasing decision.

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