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The Yamaha R Series: Perfection on Two Wheels

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If you watch every Moto GP race to follow your idol Valentino Rossi as he hangs off that Team Yamaha superbike, on his way to yet another world title, then the Yamaha R Series is for you. The slick series of super-sport motorcycles are the result of years of world class motorcycle racing, and what’s more, there’s a model to suit every rider. Here is a quick rundown of the R Series if you would like to join your heroes and experience speed on two wheels.

Supersport TZF-R15
The baby of the family, this 150cc, liquid-cooled four-stroke, fuel injected machine has all the handling of the big machines, using the same technology, and for a learner, this is the ideal machine. This bike can cruise at highway speeds and delivers around 45km per litre of fuel, which is pretty amazing when you consider the power, and if you want a cool-looking street bike that is a pleasure to ride, look no further than the R15.

Supersport TZF-R3
This is the low to mid-range model, with a 321cc twin-cylinder engine with similar specs as the R15, but with an extra pot that gives it a few more horses than the smaller R15, with a lower centre of gravity, which really puts you in control. The racetrack tech on this bike is endless, so get yourself down to a dealer of Yamaha motorcycles in Sydney and sit astride a lightweight powerhouse that will leave others in its wake.

Supersport TZF-R6
The ultimate sports bike, the R6 carries everything that Yamaha have developed on the race track, with a 600cc forward paralleled, 4-cylinder engine with aluminium pistons that delivers bundles of raw power to that back wheel. Designed with racing in mind, if you have the nerve to push this race-bred bike, you are in for an exhilarating experience with so much race-track tech that includes a Traction Control System (TCAS) that is electronic and fully controllable from the handlebars and a special quick-shift electronic gear system that shaves milliseconds off your changes – something we’ve come to expect from Yamaha.

Supersport TZF-R1
One thousand cc of pure muscle, the daddy of the series, the R1 is for the serious speed freak who wants the very best there is in a production superbike. Everything the R6 has, plus a lot more, with wider tyres that increase your surface contact. While designed for speed, there’s a level of comfort that is not normally associated with supersport power bikes, thanks to some clever aerodynamics and slick fairing.

Don’t delay, search online for a Yamaha dealer in Sydney and experience the superb racing tech that the R Series brings to the table, and with affordable finance, you can be the proud owner of a thoroughbred superbike.

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