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Local and National Shipping Company – How to Choose Between Both

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Automobile transport company industry is booming. People are often relocating for career reasons or they need their vehicle during their vacation to travel between places. Some companies offer only local shipping while some make international shipments. There are differences between opting for both.

Difference between local and national shipping companies:

Local and national shipping companies differ by many factors including:

  • Number of carriers available: Local companies are small-scale and have only a handful of trucks at their disposal. National companies are equipped with a huge network of heavy-duty trucks to transport a number of vehicles all over the country.
  • Routes covered: Local companies cover only few routes while national companies ship a large number of vehicles everyday through different routes which leaves you with more pickup and drop off options.
  • Shipping options: Not all local companies offer open-carrier and closed-carrier shipping. Also, there are some vehicles like classic, antique cars; heavily remodeled vehicles require extra precautions and more advanced shipping methods to ensure that the vehicle isn’t damaged during transit which is more possible with national companies.
  • Price: Local companies may charge incredibly low process for specific routes since they have only very few employees and in some cases, there are may be additional hidden fees. They charge more for long distance. National companies
  • Convenience: Local companies aren’t the best choice for shipping long-distances. They generally cover distances of only few hundred miles and anything above would give them a low profit margin. They’ll wait for other bookings on the same route and then transport the vehicle while national companies ship on the exact date you need.
  • Reliability: In terms of reliability national companies are more preferred since they are more experienced transporting vehicles safely. Most large-scale companies offer excelled 24*7 customer support and keep updating you details of your vehicle when in transit.
  • Insurance policy: Local companies are small and their insurance policy offered is generally less reputable. National carriers on the other hand have a more trustworthy insurance policy and you don’t have to worry much about damages.

You have the option to choose between local auto transport and national companies through direct carriers or brokers. The best way to ensure you aren’t paying extra is to opt for transport service through a brokerage company. If you are looking for a brokerage company in the US, reach out to Ship a Car, Inc

They are connected to a large number of carriers and help you find the best deal. They offer outstanding shipping service and the go-to choice for majority US citizens looking for long-distance vehicle transport. If you need specialty services like transporting luxury or antique cars, you best bet is a national transport company.

The choice between local and national transport company depends on the distance you want the vehicle to be transported, the terms and conditions of the company and the carrier options required. Double-check the reputation of the company and choose a company which offers a good customer support.

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